What is MMIW?

What is MMIW?

MMIW stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. It has been updated to MMIW2SG to include 2 Spirit peoples and Girls. This movement has come from a crisis Indigenous women and 2 Spirit folks are experiencing all across Canada and the US. The exact number of missing indigenous women in Canada is unknown, however: 

  1. Indigenous women were about twice as likely than white women to experience violence

  2. Native women face murder rates 10 times the national average

  3. The murder rate for Native women is about 3 times more than that of white women (1)

  4. Indigenous women 15 years and older were 3.5 times more likely to experience violence than non-Indigenous women (2)

In just Ontario alone in the past 14 years, we have gathered the names seen at the top of this blog. 

Please note this list is not comprehensive. Violence against indigenous women and 2 Spirit folks often goes unreported or undocumented.


Why are indigenous women missing in Canada?


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